Boundless Buddy: Camilla Isley

Hey, everyone! Today, Camilla Isley, the author of “A Sudden Crush” is here to answer some of your burning questions!! Voila:

What is the inspiration for “A Sudden Crush?”

Actually, it’s a monkey business. I went to the zoo with my hubby and thought it’d be super cool for one of my heroines to have a pet monkey. The only scenario in which I could see that happening was the stranded­on­a­desert island one… That’s how the whole idea started.

What is your favorite scene in “A Sudden Crush?”

Aw, wow. Mmm, I really love the “spider scene”. It’s the first sparkly moment of the book and I had so much fun writing it. I also love the turnaround point when Jo decides she has to kick life back and be the one who saves herself.

What was the scariest part about writing it?

Ha ha, actually it was taking a plane, still is. I’m worried that by writing about a plane crash I’m sending some bad karma my way. So now when I’m flying, every time there’s a bit of turbulence. I worry the plane is going down and I’ll get what I deserve for writing a comedy about a crash.

What advice do you have for authors on growing an online following?

I think giveaways are the best. Offering free e­copies of books is great because: they don’t cost 
anything, they help new readers discover your work, and you give something back to bloggers who have helped you by driving traffic towards their websites… It’s a win­-win.

What is the biggest lie you’ve told?

Ok, this is it. When I was thirteen, I was the only girl in my class not to have had her period. I was tired of waiting so I told everyone it came. I even made my mom buy me pads for six months without needing them (sorry mom). I never told anyone. To think that I was actually eager to get my period O.o (Shouryaman: LOL)

What is the best thing that has happened to you?

Getting married to the man of my dreams. Cheesy old me 🙂

If you could be any character, who would you be?

Hermione Granger, because she can do anything with a magic wand in her hands!

Boundless Buddy: Erin Lee

Hey, everyone! Today, Erin Lee, author of Nine Lives, is here with answers to a couple of questions I had…here it is:

What was the inspiration for “Nine Lives?”

“Nine Lives” was inspired by my work as a therapist and two sisters who I came across who taught me an eye opening lesson about allegations of sexual abuse. While “Nine Lives” is a fictional story, the idea for the book began with real people. 

What was the scariest part about writing it?

Imagining that this can, and does, happen to families every day. Realizing that the damage that happens from false accusations can sometimes never be repaired. 

Are there any characters that resemble actual people you know?

I tried to change the characters quite a bit so that it wouldn’t be reflective of the real life clients who inspired the story. However, whenever I write, I tend to steal quirks or characteristics of loved ones to bring life and lovability to my characters.

What advice do you have for authors on growing an online following?

For me, one of the most helpful thing has been participating in author take overs and other events. Cover reveals an other online parties are a great way to get to know readers and network with other authors.

What is the biggest lie you’ve told?

I told myself, for years, that my work as a therapist would make a difference. Stories like “Nine Lives” tell me it’s not even close to that easy.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you?

Losing my daughter (Oh, my gosh…my condolences).

Name a book you wish you would’ve written.

I’m trying to write that one now, and struggling. I am writing a book about a child that sexual abuse did happen to and how she went on to recover and heal from it, or not. “When I’m Dead” is a work in progress and difficult to write because I have to put myself into my character to write from their point of view. I often go to bed sad and scared, as the character does.

About “Nine Lives”

Nine Lives FRONT.jpg

Three teenage sisters didn’t mean to destroy their family…
Sisters Laina, Faith, and Sadie Nelson know they are to blame. There was no way to predict how their lives would shatter with just a few lies—but they did, and now they fear the pieces are too
many to pick up.
Had their parents let them leave, their father wouldn’t be behind bars…
The girls just wanted to escape from their hyper­strict home and start lives of their own. If he’d
just allowed them to spread their wings, their father wouldn’t be serving thirty years for a crime he didn’t commit.
Sometimes you have to be creative to get your way, but creativity’s not always what it’s cracked up to be.
With the lives of nine siblings hanging in the balance, what will it take for the girls to admit their deceit and recant their tales of abuse? And if they do, will there be any room for forgiveness?Family and friends are left to question everything they know about the legal system, social services, marriage, and family.
Can anyone really be trusted?
Can a family heal in the wake of false allegations, broken promises, and betrayal?
Or is it too late…

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About the Author ­
Erin Lee is freelance writer and therapist from Southern, NH. Lee’s work has appeared in
journals and magazines since 1995. She’s received numerous awards from the New England Press Association for her work as a journalist. “Wave to Papa” is her second novel. Lee is publishing “Crazy Like Me” with Savant Books and Publications, LLC, to be released in summer 2015. She has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and works with children and families in crisis.

More of her work can be seen at Limitless Publishing:­lee/

Boundless Buddy: Victoria Kinnaird

Hey, everyone! Today, I’m here to present an interview I did with Victoria Kinnaird, the author of “Fake It.” Here are her responses:

How did you start your writing career?

I started writing when I was 15 and was fairly certain I wanted to be a writer. I was lucky enough to be accepted to a small programme at a local university that specialised in journalism and creative writing. I started writing the book that would go on to become my debut novel in 2008, while I was still studying. When I finished that book in 2013 (life kept getting in the way), I was in conversation with a few different publishers but I felt they weren’t really ready to publish a YA novel with a bisexual lead character and an all male teen love triangle. My friend Adam introduced me to Linna Drehmel who is published by CHBB and she helped me submit to CHBB. Now we’re 3 years in to a wonderful working relationship and I’m about to release my 4th novel!

Tell us about your current release.

“Fake It” is a bit of a departure for me, because I’ve strayed from my paranormal roots into contemporary romance. I’ve always wanted to write a book about musicians, because music has been such a big part of my life for so long. So really, “Fake It” is my love letter to rock and roll. It’s about kids who love music as much as I do and who find themselves through creating and sharing music.

Tell us about your next release.

After “Fake It”, I’m returning to the universe I created for my Red Sun Rises series. My next book will be “Jasper Hart: Shadow Killer”, which is a spin off novel based on one of the characters from the RSR books.

Has someone helped or mentored you in your writing career?

I’m very lucky to be part of the CHBB family. The owner of the company, Sarah, is one of the most generous, open minded and supportive people of all time. When I was pitching the first Red Sun Rises books to various publishers, there was a lot of interest but some companies were reluctant to take a risk on a YA paranormal romance that was led by a swearing, smoking, bisexual boy. Sarah didn’t bat an eye – or if she did, she hasn’t told me about it! Linna Drehmel was one of the first people to ever read The Red Sun Rises and of course, she pointed me in Sarah’s direction so she’s had a massive impact on me. Then you have Rue Volley, who’s the head of branding and cover design at CHBB. She’s been responsible for all of my book covers and is always pushing me to think bigger and be a better writer. When I told her I want my own Netflix Original series, she didn’t think that was crazy! I owe them all so much.

What is the hardest part of writing your books?

As stupid as it sounds, the hardest part for me is finding the time. I’ve never really struggled with plotting or characterisation, just getting me to sit still long enough to get some words down is the biggest issue!

What are your favorite TV shows?

I have really diverse taste when it comes to music, films and TV. Right now my favourite TV shows are: Daria, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Mr Robot, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Gossip Girl!

Fake-ItTitle: Fake It
Series: The Keswick Chronicles Book 1 Author: Victoria Kinnaird
Published: January 23rd, 2016 Publisher: Encompass Ink Teen
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance Content Warning: Minor adult language Recommended Age: 14+

Synopsis: Jack Daveyson grew up with a guitar in his hands and his head full of melodies. Ten years after writing his first riff, he knows exactly what he wants to do with his life – graduate high school, escape Wayville and

hit the road with his band, Forever Fading Echoes.
But it’s a bit hard to launch a band without a singer. Enter JJ Keswick.

JJ is everything Jack isn’t: rich, confident and popular. He also happens to be one of the best singers Jack has ever heard.

Jack reluctantly lets JJ into his band and into his life. The spark between them in the practice studio grows into something neither of them were expecting – a love that threatens to tear their lives apart.

International bestselling author Victoria Kinnaird is proud to introduce you to The Keswick Chronicles, a YA rock’n’roll romance.

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Pack your guitar, pull on your band tee shirt and turn up the volume – it’s time to meet your new favourite band.

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About the Author:

Victoria Kinnaird is 28 years old and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. She graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2009 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Journalism, Creative Writing and English Lit. Victoria has been writing since she was 15 years old. She loves rock music, and 11 of her tattoos are related to bands that she loves!

Victoria’s debut novel “The Red Sun Rises” was released in September 2013 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. The

groundbreaking novel, which was praised for featuring an all male teen love triangle, became an Amazon international bestseller on release day. The couple at the heart of the story, Eren and Corbijn, were nominated for the Young Adult and Teen Reader’s Book Couple of the Year award in 2013 and were the only gay couple to be featured.

“The Red Sun Rises” was the first book in The Red Sun Rises Trilogy. The second book in the series, “The Red Sun Rises: Fire and Ash” was released in March 2014 and went on to win The Kindle Hub’s Best YA LGBT Book award in 2014. “(Birth) Day of the Dead” a standalone novella from The Red Sun Rises universe, was released on November 1st 2014.

The last book in the series, “The Red Sun Rises: Seven Letters” was released by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing in March 2015. The book went on to become an international bestseller, hitting #1 on Amazon UK’s YA LGBT chart on release day.

Victoria’s next release will be “Fake It”, a YA rock and roll romance and the first book in a new series called “The Keswick Chronicles”.

The characters from “Fake It” made their first appearance in “The One and Only”, a short story featured in Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly’s Fractured Fairy Tales Anthology. The anthology was released on December 3rd, 2014. “Fake It” will be released on January 23rd 2016.


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Boundless Buddy: L.E. Fitzpatrick + Trailer

Hey, blog buddies! My newest “Boundless Buddy” is L.E. Fitzpatrick – the author of The Running Game (its cover is enviable btw). Keep reading to see if she spills the beans!

What was the inspiration for “The Running Game?”
I’m really interested in the dark side of Russian history and I got thinking about what it would take for that level of paranoia and corruption to hit Britain. Building on that idea I basically worked through the ways in which our society would collapse, pulling in more and more themes and ideas. Terrorism, famine, disease – all very chirpy ideas – above all I just wanted to create a story about people fighting for their own survival whatever the cost and trying to bridge the gap between right and wrong, good and bad. 
What was your favorite part about writing “The Running Game?”
My favorite part of The Running Game was undoubtedly the scenes with Roxy. In this book Roxy is a roguish character who upsets the dynamics of the rest of the characters. He’s flirtatious, outrageous and utterly self-absorbed. His interactions with John are great fun to write, but he also amps up the dark humor in the story and offers a little break from some of the bleaker scenes.
What scared you while writing your book?
Consistency. I’m a perfectionist and the plot of this story is so intricate it was a constant source of stress and worry from me while writing and editing the novel.
What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Write a story you would love to read, so many authors try to write for an audience or a market and you can feel their passion isn’t behind their work. It doesn’t matter if you love reading something unpopular or obscure, if you love it and have faith in it so will your readers.

What advice do you have for bloggers and authors trying to expand their online presence?

I’m feeling slightly hypocritical (she’s so thoughtful) in answering this question, because I’m by no means a master of social media, but I’ve learned two things that are important. Give advice and take advice wherever you can. The best things that happened to me throughout my writing career have been because I have discussed my work and other writer’s work online, making connections, sharing ideas and even forming groups. You can’t put a price on good connections and there is such a great community out there, if you can find like minded people, keep them close, support them and they will always have your back.

Which book do you wish you would’ve written?
If I could have written one book it would Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susana Clarke. In my opinion it is probably one of the most well crafted, well thought out fantasy novels I have ever read.
What is something none (or very few) of your readers know about you? 
I also work as an editor with lots of other authors covering a wide range of genres (Multifaceted AND multi-talented…she puts us all to shame).
What is the biggest lie you’ve told?
I didn’t kill him officer – only kidding (Lol she’s hilarious). I’m actually a terrible liar when it comes to things I’ve done, normally I cave straight away. 
What is your favorite TV show?
Firefly. Bring it back. (Also bring back Deadwood too while you’re at it).
Which authors have inspired you the most?
The biggest author I fangirl over is John Connolly. I buy everything I can of his, follow his every word and may or may not have some form of shrine dedicated to him in my cupboard. Seriously though, his Charlie Parker novels are the most intensely scary and disturbing books I have ever read and if I can make one person feel about my work, the way I feel about his, I’ll be very happy.

Watch the Trailer for The Running Game!

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712_0.858705001445480899_screen-shot-2015-10-21-at-9.28.40-pmTitle: The Running Game

Author: L.E. Fitzpatrick

Genre: Dystopian

Rachel’s father called it the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes. Always be ready to run because they’ll always be coming for you. Whatever happens, they’ll always be coming for you.

On the surface, Rachel is just an ordinary doctor, trying to stay alive in war-torn London, but she has a secret. Rachel is a Reacher – wanted by the government and by the criminal underworld – for her telekinetic powers.

Charlie and his brother John had a reputation for doing the impossible. But after losing his family, Charlie is a broken mess and John is barely keeping him afloat. In desperation, they take a job from a ruthless ganglord only to discover the girl they are hunting is a Reacher – one of their own kind.

James Roxton, a conman and thief, is searching for the man who tried to kill his mother. Suddenly embroiled into the plan to kidnap Rachel, he decides he can turn things to his own advantage.

Even with the help of dangerous and dubious allies, can Rachel turn the game around and save herself?

Author Biography

L E Fitzpatrick is a writer of dark adventure stories and thrillers. Under the watchful eye of her beloved rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she leaps from trains and climbs down buildings, all from the front room of a tiny cottage in the middle of the Welsh countryside.

Inspired by cult film and TV, L E Fitzpatrick’s fiction is a collection of twisted worlds and realities, broken characters, and high action. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of her imagination and creating hugely entertaining stories.

The Running Game, her latest book and the first installment of her dystopian Reacher series, is due for re-release in October 2015 under the Booktrope label.

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Don’t forget to check out her blog!

Tell me what you think about the trailer and the interview in the comments section! Happy reading!