Boundless Buddy: Michelle Garren Flye

Hey, everyone! Michelle Garren Flye‘s new book (with the gorgeous cover), Out of Time,  just released today, and I had a few questions that she was kind enough to answer; take a look!

The Interview

What was the initial inspiration for the book?
The Answer:

My fascination with time, which began as a child, inspired this book. I like to think about time as a commodity. You spend it, you waste it, you save it. But how do you do that with something that doesn’t actually exist? I wanted to look at that phenomenon and the Synchronicity series, of which Out of Time is the first book, sort of grew from that.

Are there any characters with parallels to reality (based on real people)?

I try to avoid basing characters on real people, at least ones I know. I’m sure they’re all amalgams of people I know, people I’ve read about, actors and actresses I admire…

What was your favorite part about writing your book?

I liked writing the action scenes. I’ve always loved writing action. You can’t put too much in because if you do, you risk overwhelming the plot. I think of action scenes like hot sauce. Use just enough so it doesn’t burn your taste buds off. 

What scared you the most while writing your book?

Well, this is a different genre for me. I haven’t tried writing fantasy since I was about twelve. I’ve never set out to write a full-length fantasy novel. So I guess what scared me most was that I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

Why do you think readers will like your book?

I think Out of Time is an escape, first and foremost. Today’s world is very serious, somewhat dangerous and a whole lot aggravating. You read to escape all that, and Out of Time is like a theme park for the brain. It’s meant to be fun. But I think readers will also find the deeper meaning in Out of Time, especially if they continue with the rest of the Synchronicity series: Time is valuable. Don’t waste it.

About the Book

Title: Out of Time
Author: Michelle Garren Flye
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Format: eBook
Release Date: June 15, 2016
Page Count: 216 pages
Series: Yes, The Synchronicity Series

Tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina, the people of the strange little

town of Sanctuary have enjoyed their status as a tourist attraction and Renaissance faire destination for decades. But on her twenty‐sixth birthday, Kaelyn Anderson discovers a dark secret about her hometown.

The only reality she’s ever known has proven false. Now, her last hope lies in an unusual alliance with the son of the enemy she didn’t even know she had. Under the protection of Jack, an Elf prince, Kaelyn plunges into Cherokee lore to find the answer that will protect her people from invaders from another world.

Can Kaelyn and Jack form an alliance between three factions to fight their common enemy, or are they out of time?

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About the Author

Flye bio pic 2

Michelle Garren Flye is an award‐winning author of romance and women’s fiction. Reviewers have described her work as: “an engaging novel with charming and likable characters”, a story that “will make you believe in love and second chances”, and a “well‐ written and thought‐provoking novel.”

Michelle placed third in the Hyperink Romance Writing Contest for her short story “Life After”. Her short stories have been published by the romance anthology Foreign Affairs,, and She has served on the editorial staffs of Horror Library, Butcher Shop Quartet and Tattered Souls.

Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s degree in Library

and Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is the mother of three and lives in North Carolina with her husband and their rapidly growing collection of pets.

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Boundless Buddy: Chantal Gadoury

Hey, blog buddies! Today, I’m here with an interview I did with Chantal Gadoury, the author of Allerleirauh (try to say that five times). She had some intriguing answers to my questions, so, without further adieu, voila!

If you could be any character in a book, who would you be?

This is actually very hard! There are so many characters that I would love to be! Elizabeth Bennett from “Pride and Prejudice,” or Beauty from Robin McKinley’s “Beauty,” to start. “Katniss” from “The Hunger Games” or Rose from Edith Pattou’s “East.” There are so many young adult novels that I wished I could exist in. I’d love to dance with Mr. Darcy, and go on daring ice-adventures with a polar bear (who secretly is a Prince.) I’d love to be as brave as Katniss, or to have such a lovely rose garden as Beauty. There are too many characters to choose from!   

What is one thing none (or very few) of your fans know about you?

Not very many people know that I was actually born in Weisbaden, Germany. My Father had been stationed there (as he became a veteran of the Gulf War) and my Mother was there with him. I grew up almost in this hazy “fairy-tale” world, in which I had been to castles and had grown up with Disney and books. Everything that I am now, and what I believe is all influenced by my parent’s love and the beautiful country of Germany. While I don’t remember very much of that short time I was there in Germany, I do look back and kind of romanticized how it “must have been.” I can name any Disney song after 2 seconds of listening to it, and that I once had a bunny named Lucy after the character in Narnia. 

What is something you wish you did?

I wish I had gone to Disney College Program, or pursued it earlier – and more. It’s honestly always been my dream to work for Disney – whether to write or create, but – it’s where dreams come true! Can you imagine how fulfilling a job like that would be? To know that you’re creating and making dreams come true? I wish I had taken more writing opportunities in college; studied harder and taken it a bit more seriously than I did. (I mean, I worked hard, and I took college as a very serious matter, but I know if I had put myself out there a bit more, things might have played out a bit differently for me).

What was the inspiration for Allerleirauh?

Lots of things, honestly. I took inspiration from the classic story. I took inspiration from music – mostly, I took a manuscript I had been trying to write in college, and thought to tackle it again. I was writing tumblr roleplays with a very close friend (at the time) which truly inspired the characters Aurelia and Prince Klaus. The love there, and the strength of both characters fairly reflect some very personal characters I used to know. I took influences from Disney and other fairy tales I had read in the past, and really used everything I had for Allerleirauh. Allerleirauh almost feels like a puzzle for me – so many things (pieces) made it what it is now. 

Did you ever doubt yourself while writing Allerleirauh?

This is a great question, and I think it’s something that every writer experiences – that self doubt. Am I doing the right thing? Am I writing the right story? Will anyone like this? What if people hate this? Oh this is terrible! Why did I just write that – that sounds so stupid! These are all thoughts that I have thought, had, said and repeated. You betcha-bottom-dollar that I doubted myself. I doubted myself quite a lot. When it came to the difficult scene in which Aurelia visits her Father in his Chambers, and he abuses her – it was hard. I wasn’t sure if I should include it. I wasn’t sure if I could get away with not including it, and still having the strong message I wanted to have for the novel. I wasn’t sure how it would be received. I wasn’t sure if it would be received at all. And when my Dad passed away on August 7th 2015, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to publish the novel at all. My Dad was and is such a strong part of who I am. I didn’t want to tarnish the image of a Father – let alone mine. I didn’t want anyone to think or wonder “were you abused?” It was a few months after that I knew I just wanted to make him proud – and that was to do what I always told him I would do – publish a book. I told him I’d be an author, and by being that – there are risks that we take. I doubted myself in self-publishing! Was this the right path? Would anyone take me seriously? I kinda realized I had to make sure people did take me seriously – there would be no other option! So yes – From the beginning to .. right now! I doubt myself. I doubt myself and my writing. I expect the worst, and kind of hope for the best. 

What was the scariest part about writing and publishing Allerleirauh?

Being unsure how people would respond to the scene between the King and Aurelia. I’d say that’s the scariest part of writing “Allerleirauh.” Being criticized or looked down upon for including such a difficult theme in the novel (but very much a part of the fairy tale.) The scariest part of publishing has been doing it on my own this route. Self-Publishing is hard when you don’t really have much of a name for yourself, and you’re starting out! It’s been scary to know that some people have this pre-assumption about self-publishing authors, and it’s kind of unfair. I worked really hard on this novel and it’s worth reading! Receiving reviews – getting the novel out to a few people has been a terrifying experience; I have no idea how they’re going to respond. So far, so good! But I know what it’s like to have a review haunt you…it can be the kiss of death for a novel.

How do you build and maintain your online presence? 

I don’t have the answer to this yet. I’m still discovering this. I imagine it’s to put yourself out there, just like I am now. Reaching out to blogs, doing a book tour, interviewing other authors, doing review exchanges, advertising! Blogging! Blogging has become a new hobby for me. I keep trying to pick a topic, or write about something, or at least include something exciting about “Allerleirauh” for readers. I always try to follow back on Twitter – I try to put posts that might be interesting to others. I’ve done a few Facebook Ads, to gain likes and viewers – but it hasn’t seemed to help too much. I’ve joined groups on Goodreads, reached out to other authors – I’ve really tried to just dive right into Writing World.

About Allerleirauh:


Title: Allerleirauh Author: Chantal Gadoury

Genre: Fantasy Romance / Fairytale Retelling / Young Adult

Once Upon A Time…
A King makes a promise to his dying wife to marry only someone with her golden hair. The King finds his eyes are turned by his maturing daughter. Realizing her Father’s intentions, Princess Aurelia tries to trick her Father by requesting impossible gifts: Dresses created by the Sun, Moon and Stars and a Coat made of a Thousand furs. When she discovers his success, Aurelia decides to sacrifice her privileged life and escapes the Kingdom disguised in the cloak, and under a new name, “Allerleirauh.” Aurelia enters the Kingdom of Saarland der Licht where she is taken under the wing of the handsome Prince Klaus. Aurelia must face herself, her past and her fears in her journey of self discovery. “Allerleirauh” is a Retelling of the Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tale classic.

About Chantal Gadoury


Chantal Gadoury is a young author who currently lives in Dover, Delaware with her two cats, Theo and Harper and her fiance, Robert. Originally from Muncy, PA, Chantal appreciates the beautiful mountains and enjoys visits back to see her family. She also loves anything Disney and has a reputation of beating anyone at a mean game of Disney trivia. When Chantal is not writing, she enjoys painting, watching British History Documentaries, drinking iced‐coffee and spending time with loved ones. Chantal first started writing stories at the age of seven and continues on with that love

of writing today. Graduating from Susquehanna University with a Creative Writing BA, writing novels has become a dream come true.

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Son of Light: Spotlight + Excerpt

Son of Light Book 2 cover (smashwords).jpg

About the Book

Title: The Son of Light Book 2: The M.B.S. Guild Author: Chris Parker
Genre: Fantasy

Despite having the worst birthday in his life, sixteen year old Joshua Suzuki finally gets his birthday wish—to get out of his house in Porter Ranch, California, which he had spent a decade locked up in. But his wish would be an unusual one because he soon finds himself in an underground college, which belonged to secret organization, called the M.B.S. (Mind, Body, and Soul) Guild. This blows Josh’s mind. And what shocks him even more is that his twenty‐six year old foster brother, Nickolas Suzuki, is the leader of the M.B.S. Guild.

Nick wastes no time in telling Josh the horrible truth to why they’ve been in hiding for ten years — The Demon Lord, Hexen, has returned. Nick puts Josh in the protection of his

crazy college friends to train him in the art of energy, as Nick travels around the world for clues about Lord Hexen’s origins.

But after being lured out of the guild, Josh find himself in the outside world again, a world far more dangerous than the last time. Now, Josh has to find his way back to the guild while dealing with violent bandits, crazed zombie‐like people, and worst of all, Lord Hexen. Can Josh survive?

The Son of Light Book 2: The M.B.S. Guild is an adult fantasy novel that features fast‐paced action, and side‐splitting comedy. If you like the Harry Potter and A Game of Thrones novels, then you like The Son of Light book 2.

Author Bio

Chris and Chole (Just Chris) 2

Chris Parker started writing during his community college years until he transferred to a film school, Columbia College Hollywood, after losing his house in 2008. There he came up with many stories such as, The Son of Light. However, he went to school to become an editor. After earning his BA, Chris went back to his first love, writing.

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Chapter 1

The Naked Lady

Xiuhcoatl & Yolotli

It was the night of April 27th, 2018. A car sped down the street of Katella Ave in Anaheim California. Meanwhile, sprinting across the same street was a young man of nineteen with blue hair, gelled up like modern greaser. In his hand was a silver sword with dark blue edges, the hilt formed the face of a roaring, dark blue panther. He stopped to catch his breath as he examined his ripped and bloody shirt.

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