Poetry: Winter Things


Snow falls on my lashes
Melts to frigid water
And blends with teardrops
I catch in my hand

The cold never clears
Hanging in the air
Like lifeless clouds
Lifeless souls

Stars punch through
A crumbling sky
Sprinkled with powdered sugar
And iced with frost

Goosebumps raise on my arm
But I do not shiver
I hold my ground
I let the snow fall on me

I sing on winter nights
Voice warbling, echoing,
Faux vibrato at its finest

I catch snowflakes
On my tongue
Like dreams
I chase without rest, sleep

I lie down on the ground
Flail my arms, move my legs
To trick myself into creating angels
That will never exist

You will lead me into the light
Bask in the sun, take me home
But I’ll never stop doing, loving
My winter things

Approximate completion time: three minutes. Hope you liked it!

Best Wishes,

*Loosely inspired by “Winter Things” by Ariana Grande


Poetry: Dreams

Head submerged,
Lungs screaming,
Under murky water
Without goggles
Hazy visions
Through the tunnel vision
Of our sleepless minds
And sleepless thoughts

Faceless men
And faceless souls
Walking aimlessly
Marching like saints
Talking to ghosts
Brushing elbows with demons
And chasing pavements
With salted cheeks
And fresh scars
With bent backs
And weary eyes
With callused palms
And tired feet
With broken hearts
And broken dreams

Wake up
Morning peeks
Between the hills
Wake up
The birds sing
A haunting melody
Mourning the death
Of the moon
Wake up
Everything –
Places –
Evaporating into
Thin air
Like seawater
Under a summer sun

The People
Float through them
Sift through them
Burn through them
Live through them
Again and again
On repeat
With no button
To rewind
The past
With no button
To pause
And collect
The pieces of us
Lost to the current
Of our
Boundless Minds

I think a scream might have escaped my lips when I realized that this poem ended with the name of my blog…anyway (NOT anyways…I hate when people say that :P) it’s evident that my DISCLAIMER applies to this poem as well. “Dreams” is another “stream of consciousness” piece of writing (I write prose…leaving something unedited stabs at my heart), so (like I’ve said before) I’ll probably check this a billion times in the next couple of days.

Please let me know if this poem resonated with you! I would love to read anything you have to share (especially negative critiques)! What do you consider dreams?

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– Shouryaman

*Image is “Journey of Dreams” by Jeremiah (jerry8448) from http://bit.ly/1IBRuRw