Creative Fiction: Raindrops

Dear Blog Buddies:

This is a tiny portion from a creative writing piece I’ve been working on that can also (kind of) function as a standalone piece, so here it is: Raindrops. Keep in mind, this is still a rough draft, so sorry if it’s not above par yet! Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any comments!

P.S. in case you were wondering, the the grammatical mistakes and lowercase letters are there on purpose 😛

i think about raindrops sometimes.

i think about how they fall to an uncertain end, tripping and stumbling over each other, breaking their bones. how they cling to the warmth of fingertips pressed against windows, shivering and quivering and holding onto heaven with pathetic desperation, teeth chattering hands trembling legs bruising heart faltering tears falling. how they lose their grip and shatter on the pavement into a million little pieces. how they glide down the glass, falling apart like hearts until they are nothing, until they are dead. how no one celebrates their lives, remembers their deaths. how they hide the tears of faceless hopeless restless breathless lifeless women who choke on smoke and live in the haze, washing away their pain and fear and mascara like the pull of the ocean at high tide, sullying themselves during the feat. how they knock on doors with the broken hope that they will open like the wrinkled sky during a storm. how the clouds drop them like coins in the dark, just to watch them fall, hear them break.

I think about how I am rain.

Best Regards,