Poetry: Winter Things


Snow falls on my lashes
Melts to frigid water
And blends with teardrops
I catch in my hand

The cold never clears
Hanging in the air
Like lifeless clouds
Lifeless souls

Stars punch through
A crumbling sky
Sprinkled with powdered sugar
And iced with frost

Goosebumps raise on my arm
But I do not shiver
I hold my ground
I let the snow fall on me

I sing on winter nights
Voice warbling, echoing,
Faux vibrato at its finest

I catch snowflakes
On my tongue
Like dreams
I chase without rest, sleep

I lie down on the ground
Flail my arms, move my legs
To trick myself into creating angels
That will never exist

You will lead me into the light
Bask in the sun, take me home
But I’ll never stop doing, loving
My winter things

Approximate completion time: three minutes. Hope you liked it!

Best Wishes,

*Loosely inspired by “Winter Things” by Ariana Grande