Review Policy

Thank you so much for considering Boundless Minds for your book review or feature! Please direct your inquiries and review requests to or use the contact form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

I will gladly host giveaways, contests, or blog tours at the publisher or author’s request. Additionally, I would be thrilled and honored to host an interview for authors, publishers, or other literary pundits.

I accept print ARCs, finished copies, and e-ARCs or audiobooks, but I strongly prefer print copies. If the book is an installment in a series, I may require previous novels to offer a higher quality review.

do accept e-books, self-published books, and indie press books, and the guidelines from above apply as well; I prefer print books, but I will consider electronic versions.

***Please read my ENTIRE review policy before pitching me (trust me…reading till the end is to your benefit).

Pitch Guidelines

When you contact me regarding your novel, please include the following details:

  • Concise book summary
  • Genre
  • Physical or e-book copy (with formats available)
  • Any deadlines for review
  • Release date
  • Social media links (I support and follow all who contact me)


I am currently interested in Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction across most genres, but I will accept requests to review New Adult or Adult fiction.

I will accept YA, MG, New Adult, and Adult fiction in the following genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary
  • Fairytale/mythological retellings
  • Paranormal
  • Mystery/Thrillers
  • Gothic/Horror
  • Romance

I am NOT accepting books in the following genres:

  • Non-fiction
  • Memoirs/biographies
  • Erotica
  • Political novels (with the exception of Ann Coulter, if she were ever to inquire…reviewing her work would be “intriguing”) or “hot button” topics
  • Religious novels, especially ones with “moralizing” angles UNLESS it presents a unique stance on a topic of present-day discussion.

I am also temporarily offering critique on:

  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Essays


Essentially, I aim to underscore and feature the positive qualities of a book, but this does not mean I do not post negative reviews or shed light on issues I find with the novel. Typically, I email the author with my review before I post it; if my review is strikingly negative, the author may request that I wait to post the review until a couple weeks after its release (I understand how hard authors work to publish their books, and I don’t want to jeopardize their sales simply because of my unrepresentative opinion). I write fair and honest reviews, but my reviews are my opinion, and if I didn’t particularly enjoy your novel, my reviews will reflect that. With that said, I strive to highlight the reasons WHY the novel didn’t work for me. I do not post negative reviews with malicious intent and I will never offer demeaning, loathsome, or commentary on the author or his/her piece. Reviews will be posted across platforms like AmazonGoodreadsB&N, and Review Creep, and publicized to email subscribers.

***If I accept your request, I cannot guarantee that a review will go up immediately, as I have many books to read. I typically review non-ARCs on a first come, first served basis, but physical copies receive the most preference. However, books with intriguing premises are more likely to receive the top preference. If it’s an ARC, I will try to review it one week before or after the publication date***

Review Structure

All reviews will include the following:

  • Cover art
  • Book summary/blurb
  • Book Statistics: title, author, publisher, page count, awards, release date, series status, et al
  • My informal review/critique (style of blog and crowd sourced reviews)
  • My professional review/critique (style of Kirkus Reviews and Publisher’s Weekly)
  • Star rating
  • Author biography and profile with links to social media and sales pages

Each novel is rated according to its genre, which means that a “three star” rating for a YA, MG, and New Adult novel does not necessarily indicate that the novels are equivalent.

How To Get on Shouryaman’s Good Side

  • Print ARCs. I love physical copies. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. If you can offer a physical copy, it’s a huge plus.
  • Subscribe. Follow. Like. If I contact a blogger or author personally, I make sure to support them in the easiest (and cheapest) way possible: following their blog and social media. Plus, it makes you feel fuzzy inside.
  • Short and sweet. I’m not too nitpicky about this, but if your email pitch is longer than the first page of your book…good luck.
  • Deadlines.  I need to know if you have any strict deadlines for my review. Every time I have to voice that, a star dies. I’m dead serious.

Confidentiality Policy

I will never mindfully, consciously, or intentionally share, copy, or distribute any copies of novels – both physical and electronic – provided to me for review, unless the author or publisher has provided explicit consent in order to run events like a giveaway.

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