About Me


HEY! I’m bored. I read. That’s my story. Basically.

Scratch that.

The first thing you probably should know about me is my name, but I’m warning you, you are NEVER going to be able to pronounce it correctly (like never). I don’t even think I can pronounce it correctly. Anyway, my name is…SHOURYAMAN SAHA.

Yes, your forehead can crease now in understandable confusion. It’s okay really; my name’s been butchered in so many ways (Sherman, Showerman, Scooby, Sherbet, Shirley-man, Shower, Miley Cyrus, et al. The usual.), one more to the list won’t make a difference. Not even a little.

In case you were wondering (and I doubt you were), I’m a high school student who is a tireless polemicist, an Ariana Grande apologist, and a self-diagnosed book addict (it’s a serious problem). I am that person who binge-watches Grey’s Anatomy till four in the morning. I am that person who squeals and fangirls over word choice and imagery. I am that person who obsesses over BOTH Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder (it’s far from healthy…i.e. call the asylum STAT) because, you know, Shonda Rhimes. I am that person who corrects grammatical mistakes in a group chat. I am that person who runs in the rain and sings in the shower and watches YouTube in the bathroom and plays boring games with 1% battery. I am that person who loves Netflix more than his unborn children. I am that person who writes poetry and short stories till he passes out on the sofa. I am that person who dances to Shakira but will never admit it. I am that person who loves nothing and everything and anything – all at once.

I am that person.

And I don’t ever want to stop.

As for the reason I started this blog: my unquenchable passion for reading and writing. Why do I love to read and write, you ask? Well, here’s a totally unnecessary anecdote that explains absolutely nothing. Happy reading!

In the old country (i.e. the Motherland, the Old World, the Old Kingdom), whenever a child turns one, they are presented with a plate filled with three kinds of items: coins, books, and mud…to be continued on a day when I’m not drowning in an endless sea of homework (thank you, Ms. Williams. Thank you so very much).

On a side note, I am INCREDIBLY excited (INCREDIBLY, INCREDIBLY, INCREDIBLY…did I say INCREDIBLY?) to join the ranks of the fabulous Paper Lantern Lit (founded by NYT Bestsellling author Lauren Oliver) Trendsetters! YAY!!!!! Cue the applause, please.