Boundless Buddy: Skyler Patterson

Hey, everyone! Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Skyler Patterson, the author of The Last Kraken. He’s hilarious (and talkative in a good way lol), so make sure you aren’t eating anything right now or you’ll choke 😛 Anyway, here it is:

Q: What was the inspiration for your The Last Kraken?

A: My inspiration for The Last Kraken happened before I even decided to become a writer. I had watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. There was that scene where the Kraken destroyed a ship. I was like WOW! Why doesn’t someone do something with that creature. And then I thought nothing of it again. I wasn’t even thinking about writing, or becoming an author or anything like that at that time.

Q: When did you start writing?

A: I started writing in 2013. I had started to read books. I read George RR Martins Game Of Thrones. When I read them all the clerk in the book store said, “Get ready to wait 6 years for another one!” LIFE IS TOO SHORT! I could not believe that. I was like WHO IS HE? And then I researched who he was. WOW! When I saw that an awesome writer like that could disappear for 6 years that could leave something on the table (crumbs). Something for maybe…ME? It was crazy what I did. I felt that instead of waiting for someone to write a book that I love, I should try writing my own! I am willing to try anything once. So I did decide to become a writer. Then the question What to write? I decided to attempt to write a swords and sorcery epic. The Book Of Swords (Amazon/Draft2Digital ) That proved difficult. I stopped writing it. While I waited for the writer’s block to depart, I remembered that Kraken from that film. I however have had NO training in how to write creatively. NONE! When I told friends and family of my plans THEY ALL LAUGHED! Now, I am from NEW YORK USA. However I love all things that are from England and Europe. I decided to write my tale in a UK England type of style. I decided to place the tale in England in the old days (1800’s) I did some research on whaling. And then In Sept 2013 i began to write this book. When I was a few chapters in I brought the chapter “The Kraken Inn” to my school teacher (English Lit) sister. I sat down and read that chapter. Everyone was laughing beforehand. “WHY TRY THIS? YOU HAVE NO DEGREE? LET’S HAVE A

GOOD LAUGH!” I read that chapter and ALL FOLLY CEASED! “HOW THE HECK?! WOW! TAKE IT TO SMASHWORDS!!” she said. By Thanksgiving the book was done! I still can’t believe that my first book can be what this book is. I have been in health care for years working with mentally disabled individuals. It requires thousands of hours writing documenting. Now I am writing books!

Q: When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

A: When I was writing The Last Kraken I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I love creating stories and characters. I love fantasy fiction!

Q: What scared you the most while writing The Last Kraken?

A: EVERYTHING! I asked myself what if I cannot come up with good ideas to finish this epic story. What if people do not like it? Am I not crazy for attempting this?

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

A: Yes. Do not be afraid to be bold. Always go with your instinct. When I decided to write a love story friends and family said: YOU ARE CRAZY! The kraken book/Book Of Swords are all action. What makes YOU think that YOU can write a romance? I wrote Revenge Of The Wolf /Romance/action/horror and got FOUR STARS REVIEWS/SALES and fans! Never let ANYONE tell you what you cannot do!

Q: What advice do you have for authors looking to expand their online presence?

A: Take full advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Author pages and book blogs. And take advantage of great book tours like ENCHANTED! They will allow you to concentrate on writing books while they promote your work! The web will follow you if you are consistent and putting out good material.

Q: What secret talents do you have?

A: It may not be a secret anymore due to this book. I can write poetry, and I can write decent songs! I have included both in this book!

Q: What is something none (or very few) of your readers know about you?

A: I was in a singing group way back in the 1980s . “Pretty boys “we put out an album and toured Germany not sell well . we broke up! Nobody knows that! But you now!

Q: If you were a superhero what would your name and power be?

A: Wow! Don’t get me started! I love comics and heroes. I would call myself “Shadowbane.” I would have the powers to camouflage myself and possess some levels of telekenisis! Hmmmm… sounds like a book?

Q: Is there one topic that you will not write about?

Q: What topic would you never write about?

A: I would have to say there is no topic that I would not write about. I feel that there could be a story lurking inside of every topic.

Q: What book do you wish you would have written?

A: That is easy – Bram Stokers’ Dracula!

Q:  What is the biggest lie you ever told.

A: Okay once I told this beautiful woman that I was dating that I was a famous recording producer! I told her she should be in a documentary I was making. It was a joke! The poor woman took time off from her job, she purchased a lot of clothes and spent money on an expensive hairdo! When I told her it was a joke she almost broke up with me! Ha! I should not have done that!

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About the Author

SKY Author Photo

How did I become a writer? My story could be a book of itself. My journey is as daunting as it is impossible. Yet it is all truth! I have been working in health care for many years. It was when i decided to read books on my way to work that i stumbled upon the possibility of writing. How did it happen? I take the train to get to my job in N.Y.. I had become bored with reading the daily newspapers .It was then that i decided to read a book instead. Mind you, I had not read a book in years! I proceeded to read books by J.R. Tolkien, Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, and George R.R. Martin. I found those books sooo cool! I love fantasy fiction. It was when i became addicted to a certain series; that it happened. I read every book from that series and when i asked the book store clerk when there would be more the man gave me terrible news. “Ha, that guy puts out a book every five, six years. “WHAT?! LIFE IS TOO SHORT”! I could not believe that. It was then that i began to wonder what if i (yes me) could write a book myself. This was a joke to me until i came up in minutes with a plot for a fantasy fiction tale. HOW did i do that!? The plot was way TOO COOL to just do nothing with. And i will not lie. I made every type of mistake one could make in learning how to write. I have had no formal training and i successfully dropped out of college, years ago! (Please do not do this! It did not go well!)That first idea became THE BOOK OF SWORDS, a medieval styled swords and sorcery epic. (Draft2Digital) That book gave me many headaches, before i figured out how to write it!(great e book that it is) So i took a break and wrote: THE LAST KRAKEN,(The complete version on Draft2Digital/Smashwords/iTunes,Only) a tale of a giant, leviathan squid running amok, in the 1800’s England. It was when i was writing that book that i began to realize that i had somehow in only a little more than a year (2013)became an author. I finished that first book. I then proceeded to test a chapter of it on my extra –smart‐school teacher sister Carol. My sister invited me over to hear my tale. My sister did not disappoint me. She gave me many words of encouragement: “Let’s all have a good laugh”! were her words! I read her a chapter. After i read that chapter my sister began to stutter and jaws were dropping everywhere! “HOW IN THE HELL”?! were her words! And then i began to write another book called REVENGE OF THE WOLF. When my friends heard i was attempting this task they said: “You are crazy! All of your books (so far) are about action! What do you know about romance books”?! Who would do what i did?! It was crazy! I decided to become a writer not knowing if i could even do it! I who had never wrote any type of romance before did write that book! And what happened?! Four star reviews! And accolades and something i never had before: FANS! AND SALES! (Enchanted helped!)I can still remember when i was writing REVENGE OF THE WOLF (Draft2Digital/Smashwords/ Apple I‐tunes) when i passed my laptop to a girl i was dating and asked her to read an emotional turning point of this Paranormal/romance/action/horror story. As she was reading it; i was in awe as the woman slowly began to cry! I then spent the rest of that year writing many books. And here i am! I am in this for the long haul. I am now an author and somehow a poet/songwriter. I will now do my best to write many stories that all occur in different settings, worlds and time periods. All will contain my signature of fantasy fiction, Epic action and romance! “My impossible journey just goes to show that one can never truly know what they are capable of; until they give it that one good try! Never let ANYONE tell you what you cannot do! I can be found on Goodreads Author page/Smashwords author page/Facebook Author page. I love to hear from my fans! What’s next?! Romance/Action :REVENGE OF THE WOLF2 (New Series) YA:THE WARPATH OF LOVE, THE BOOK OF SWORDS 2,THE BRAVE CRAB, “211” And many more! I can truly say I LOVE WRITING.‐‐‐SKYLER PATTERSON



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